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Türkiye din eğitimi araştırmaları , vol.0, no.10, pp.299-317, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier

  • Publication Type: Article / Article
  • Volume: 0 Issue: 10
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Journal Name: Türkiye din eğitimi araştırmaları
  • Journal Indexes: TR DİZİN (ULAKBİM)
  • Page Numbers: pp.299-317
  • Hakkari University Affiliated: Yes


In an era where there is a lot of confusion, What was yesterday became the object of consensus Today’s complexity, What was constant became doubtful, Among the topics that were the subject of certainty among the Muslim community, Prohibition of a Muslim woman marrying a book, Now that he has left Yafti to dissolve this marriage, Indeed, he denies all clear evidence He does not care what has been agreed or agreed upon Among other Muslims Especially the jurists of them Forbidding this kind of marriage, Some similarities are given Who doesn’t starve to prove what he’s claiming, This article shows all of this And he resembles that with strong, evident evidence and proofs. And discusses the ruling on Muslims marrying others With evidence and legitimate arguments. They are: Verses from the Book of God Almighty, And hadiths on the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, The consensus of Muslims and their agreement from the era of the Companions May God be pleased with them, To this day, And their effects and sayings on that, And the correct measurement, And the destination of Sharia in building family and marriage. This study sought to answer several questions, including: What is the ruling on a Muslim woman marrying a polytheist and writer? What are the evidence for the permissibility of a Muslim woman marrying the People of the Book? What is the value of that evidence and what is it responding to?
َ لما هيف ةئطالخا ميهاف م سملأã ناك ام حبصأو ، ْت َ في نمز َك ـث ع ِض ْ َمويلا ِديقعتو ٍ إ عاجم ٍ كش عضوم َ م َحبصأ ًاتبü ناك امو ، نمف ،هيف ًا ُش كوك َ اوز ةمر امأ ،بياتكلا نم ةملسلما ج ا نلآ جرخ دقف لا اذه لبح تيفي نم زوا لب ،ج ُح ،ينملسلما ةرهجم ىدل ينقي عضوم تناك تيلا عيضاولما لع عاجملإا تم دق ابم ثتركي لاو ةنيبلا ةحضاولا ةلدلأا لك ركنيو نم عونلا اذه ةمرح ىلع مهنم ءاهقفلا اميس لا ينملسلما رئاس ينب هي كلذ ك هل درتو ُّ لت هبشلا ك تا ةلدلأã وال ينهابر ّ شلا ضعب درويو ،حاكنلا ُّ هب تا ت لا تيلا ُ نيغ يعدي ام تابثإ في عوج نم ينبت ةساردلا هذهف ،ه ا ةحضاول ةيوقلا ؛ وسر نع ثيداحأو ،لىاعت الله باتك نم ت­آ :يهو الله ل - ملسو هيلع الله ىلص - رصع نم مهقافتاو ينملسلما عاجمإو ، عرشلا دصقمو ،سايقلاو ،كلذ في ملهاوقأو مهرüآو ،اذه انموي لىإ ةباحصلا .جاوزلاو ةرسلأا ءانب في وس تع ل ةساردلا دع ةلئسأ نع ةباجلإ ة ن َ م كلت ةميق امو ؟باتكلا لهأ نم ةملسلما جاوز حãأ ؟تاهبشلا ابمو اذ دري ُّ لع تاهبشلا كلت ى ؟ ن َ م :اهن يه ام تاهبش