An Experimental Investigation on The Effects of Waste Olive Oil Biodiesel on Combustion, Engine Performance and Exhaust Emissions

AKSOY F., Akay F., BAYDIR Ş. A., Solmaz H., Yılmaz E., Uyumaz A., ...More

International Journal of Automotive Engineering and Technologies, vol.8, no.3, pp.103-116, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


In this study, the biodiesel obtained from the waste olive oil bytransesterification method has been mixed with a 30% of diesel fuel asvolume and tested with a single cylinder direct injection diesel engine. Themain purpose of this study is to obtain purer biodiesel from waste olive oilusing methyl alcohol (CH3OH) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as catalyst inthe transesterification method and research performance, combustion andemission characteristics in detail in a direct injection diesel engine. Thecombustion, engine performance and exhaust emission values have been alsocompared with diesel fuel. The test engine was operated at a constant speedof 2200 rpm and different engine loads such as 3.25 Nm, 7.5 Nm, 11.25 Nm,18.75 Nm. According to the experimental results, the thermal efficiency ofbiodiesel is lower by about 1% to 5% than diesel. CO is lower about 37.5 %with biodiesel than that of diesel at 18.75 Nm. CO2 is higher 41% withbiodiesel than diesel at 11.25 Nm. NOx was measured 9.5% higher than dieselfuel at 18.75 Nm. Soot emissions decreased by 37.5% compared to diesel.