Kalman State Estimation and LQR Assisted Adaptive Control Of a Variable Loaded Servo System

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Aydogdu O., LEVENT M. L.

Engineering, Technology and Applied Science Research, vol.9, no.3, pp.4125-4130, 2019 (Scopus) identifier


This study actualized a new hybrid adaptive controller design to increase the control performance of a variable loaded time-varying system. A structure in which LQR and adaptive control work together is proposed. At first, a Kalman filter was designed to estimate the states of the system and used with the LQR control method which is one of the optimal control servo system techniques in constant initial load. Then, for the variable loaded servo (VLS) system, the Lyapunov based adaptive control was added to the LQR control method which was inadequate due to the constant gain parameters. Thus, it was aimed to eliminate the variable load effects and increase the stability of the system. In order to show the effectiveness of the proposed method, a Quanser servo module was used in Matlab-Simulink environment. It is seen from the experimental results and performance measurements that the proposed method increases the system performance and stability by minimizing noise, variable load effect and steady-state error.