Energy i{dotless}nput-output analysis of apricot production in i{dotless}sparta province of Turkey

Gokdogan O.

Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research, vol.30, no.SPEC .ISS.1, pp.770-772, 2012 (Scopus) identifier


This research aimed determination of energy use efficiency of apricot (Armenica vulgaris L.) production. For this purpose data have collected from total 117 apricot producers from 12 villages in Center, Egirdir, Senirkent, and Gelendost provinces by face to face surveys. Results of this study showed that energy input of apricot production in Isparta province was 36678.54 MJha-1 while energy output was 61478.30 MJha-1. Thus energy use efficiency was calculated as 1.67. According to the results 12.84% of total energy input consists of renewable energy sources while the rest 87.16% consists of unrenewable energy sources. © Sila Science.